Generating Website Traffic from SlideShare

SlideShare is one more great channel for posting content. Of course, ideally, you want to get customers to contact you after they read your content. If you’re creating a presentation to post on SlideShare, here are few tips for creating a deck that drives traffic to your website or blog.

Highlight your company on the first and last page. Include your logo on both pages, and make the logo a hyperlink to your site. Include contact information as hyperlinks where appropriate. For example, include your company’s website URL and a phone number for your business.

Create hyperlinks as you would normally. For example, in Microsoft PowerPoint, select the graphic or text and then use the Insert menu to add a hyperlink. The hyperlink carries over when you save the deck on SlideShare.

Include the name of the presentation’s author on the first and/or last page. Make the author’s name a link to his or her LinkedIn profile, blog, or bio. Also, include the handle for his or her social account, such as a Twitter handle. If people like the content of the presentation, they are more likely to follow the author, giving you a chance to engage them.

Include a footer on every page, with your company name or logo, as a hyperlink.  The user can click the footer to go to your website.

Consider making graphics hyperlinks. If you include graphics in your deck, you can make them hyperlinks that go to your website. You can even invite users to click them with text. For example, if you were showing a chart containing some results from a survey, you might invite users to click the graphic to see more results.

Provide additional, supplementary information on your website. Or, alternatively, provide a place where people can go to get the latest information. For example, if you’ve got more details or the full study results as a PDF, link to it from your Slideshare. If yours is a presentation of online tools available, and you plan to update a blog post to cover new tools as they are released, suggest people bookmark the URL to see updates. Again, be sure to include a clickable link, plus perhaps a QR code. (Remember that people print slidedecks and may be viewing them from mobile platforms.)

For my deck Six Steps to a Social Media Strategy, I included links to blog post that provided details on different parts of the process, as below:

Tip: If you’re having trouble getting the hyperlinked text formatted the way you want, in Microsoft PowerPoint, just insert a text box containing the text and format the text and text box how you want. Then, select the text box and use Insert Hyperlink to set a hyperlink on it.

Lastly, don’t forget that you can convert your SlideShare into a video and put it up on YouTube to garner additional views.

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