Friday Fives: Tips for Using Triberr

Welcome to the Friday Fives series. Each week, I ask selected Tweeps a question to answer in five parts. This week’s question:

What five tips would you give for Triberr newbies?

This week’s answers come from:

  • Dino Dogan Founder of Triberr. Lousy Mixed Martial Artist and a recovering Network Engineer. Pretty good singer/songwriter, trainer of dogs, and a blogger of biz. Fun at parties and a global force for badassery. He’s @dino_dogan on Twitter.
  • Aaron Biebert is a leader, blogger, speaker, reader, story teller & @8pmWarrior who blogs at and can be found on Twitter as @Biebert.
  • Michele Welch provides Internet Entrepreneurs with step by step Online Business Tips & Training at her blog, She’s @newbizblogger on Twitter.
  • Stan Faryna Currently working on an apocalyptic novel-mmorpg-community that asks the big questions about why are we here and what shall we do, Stan Faryna is an author, design wonk, entrepreneur, online strategist, problem-solver, and servant heart. He’s @Faryna on Twitter.

Here are these expert’s tips:

Dino Dogan

  1. Find where you can contribute When seeking a tribe to join, don’t think “what tribe can I get into that would benefit me.” Instead, ask yourself, “what tribe can I get into where I would be able to contribute.”
    Before I make recommendation number 2, I think it will help if I quote Janet Callaway who said this about Triberr.
    “Triberr is a Category Creating product.”
  2. Learn first
    This means that you haven’t seen or used anything like it. It’s not Twitter, and it’s not Facebook. It’s not for everyone. But if you’re a blogger, it’s for you. And you would do well if you spend some time on the Triberr blog familiarizing yourself with the platform and learning its ins and outs.
  3. Create your own To make maximum use of Triberr, you need to establish your own tribes. It’s not enough to simply join a tribe and expect the Chief who invited you to extend your reach. You get 3 tribes of your own and you can invite up to 6 people per tribe. You should take advantage of that.
  4. Start with your own When building your tribes, the best place to start is with your own blogging community. Show your best commentators who blog some appreciation by inviting them into your tribe. Seek out new talent and help them shine by inviting them into your tribe. Take a chance on people who look promising by inviting them into your tribe.
  5. Give us your feedback Triberr is a platform for bloggers developed by bloggers. You can find me at and Dan at and we listen and implement your suggestions.It’s just the two of us working to give small and medium bloggers a voice in this blogosphere where 1% of the superstar bloggers get 99% of the attention. The content these superstar bloggers create does not warrant such a disproportionate amount of attention. And attention means speaking engagements, book deals, opportunities and ultimately money.We are trying to even out the playing field and give the little guys a fighting chance.
    We hope you join us.

Aaron Biebert

  1. Enjoy it Through Triberr you get a chance to connect with other bloggers on a regular basis. It’s a great blog community building solution. Through the sharing of their blogs, you will be reminded about the other members of your new community. Take the reminder and run with it. Comment on your fellow tribe members blogs. Read, learn, grow!
  2. Maintain the Win-Win situation. Add value. While my fellow tribe members are very generous, it’s still important that everyone adds value to keep the Win-Win balance. The smaller your own following, the more you’ll need to find other ways to balance the value. Don’t be the guy with 600 followers who uses the manual setting in a group with a 300,000 person reach. Help expand your first tribe, recruit new members, be generous with comments/retweets/etc. Seek to maintain the Win-Win balance. It’s the only way this will work long-term.
  3. Find the right tribe Triberr is exciting and it’s tempting to jump into the 10 member 100,000 reach real estate tribe just to get more reach, even if you’re a tech blogger. Unfortunately, that means you’ll be sharing 10 real estate blog retweets each day. Don’t forget your own followers just to add more reach. Find the right tribe.
  4. Join forces A rising tide raises all boats in Triberr. If you’re a general healthcare blogger and you get invited to a healthcare blog tribe, don’t go off and start another healthcare tribe. Instead, focus on building your main healthcare tribe and adding more gravity. Size matters and splitting up a genre may cost both sides in the long run. If you want your own tribes, concentrate on starting new tribes bases on your location (Milwaukee, for example), hobbies (skiing, sailing, golfing, etc.), or secondary topics that aren’t currently covered by any tribe.
  5. Use your bones You get 100 free bones (Triberr currency) to start. Use them! Expand your main tribe (see #2 and #4). Try out the feature. Do something with the bones! When others use the feature, you get paid in bones and if you run out you can always buy more if you want. They are less than $.07 each.

Michele Welch

  1. Get to know the site. Browse around, visit Triberr’s blog and learn how to best maximize your time on it.
  2. Meet your fellow tribe members. Often times when you are brought into a tribe you do not know all the members. Reach out to them on Twitter and visit their blogs. Make it a point to connect with them.
  3. Be active with creating your own tribes. This is something I’ve been guilty of not doing myself; but I’m getting better. ;-) The way to maximize your efforts and get the full potential of this site is to build your tribes and expand your reach.
  4. Use bones wisely. Bones are a form of virtual currency. They will allow you to add features tribe-wide and site-wide that you normally cannot do with the free version. Be strategic with this feature. Use the free bones given to you to experiment with what works and what doesn’t so when you purchase more you have a working game plan
  5. Give it your all As with anything you do, what you put into it is what you get out of it! So if you are going to use Triberr, give it 100% and see where it leads you.
  6. And one more Yes! I know the question asked for “five tips” but thought I’d throw in one more just for the heck of it.;-) And here it is; very simple – have fun! We often take things so seriously in our business that we forget just to relax and remember what we love about what we do and the joy it brings us. Triberr is just one more way to effectively market your business; but in a fun, social sort of way. ;-)

Stan Faryna

  1. Blog righteously Blog better and righteously. Keep it honest and say what you really think as well as it can be said/written. You always owed that to you. Now you owe your best blogging to the members of your tribe.You may be wrong. Maybe, some times. Maybe, most of the time. But the suck on being wrong will pass. And if you can own up to it with a certain grace, your readers will appreciate you all the more because you can recognize your own challenges and grow.
  2. Curate People Curating content often becomes a two-bit circus act. Curate people – if you want to retain any self-respect.The good news is that you’re already half way to getting this right. Triberr is allowing you to automagically curate people. Finally, you can stop stealing or echoing the current blog and tweet motifs for sake of relevance. Next, you’ll need to comment on your tribe members’ posts and PROCLAIM to the world that you commented on this or that (insert beguiling adjective here) post.
  3. Connect Commenting on posts and retweeting tweets (not generated by Triberr) isn’t much more than a friendly nod, warm smile or handshake. Sure, it’s a starter. And it shouldn’t be passed over for the true connect. But gestures are not a true connector. I’m as guilty as the next well-intentioned Triberr-ite. If you’re new to Triberr, you may be guilty too. If you resonate with more than several blog post by a fellow Triberr, let them know that in an email or tweet. They’ll be glad to know that you’ve joined the fan club. And that you are making a personal connection outside the public square of trading influence.
  4. Praise and Recommend I’m not saying you should jump the gun and rave about someone on linkedin on the first date. But if you think a Triberrite’s blogging or commenting average is above average, you should say so. In fact, you should say it loud and clear. Tweet your praise on Follow Fridays (#FF) AND (not or) write a blog post at least once every month where you highlight three to ten of your favorite bloggers. All you need is a paragraph or two that explains how they inspire, astound, or intrigue you.Don’t make people ponder where the love is! And don’t keep them waiting for it. As Neicole’s recent post lays it out: if you want to engage someone, make them look good.
  5. Be in the now Write frequently, tweet daily (12 tweet minimum average beyond your automagical tweets), retweet daily, and socialize – you figure out what that means. Ok, here’s a hint: connect, share, and collaborate. Whatever, you do, do it a lot, and be useful to others. Stay in the field of perception of your readers and fellow Triberrites. Be in the now of your audience and friends’ attention.

Are you using Triberr? What tips would you give?

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