Best time of day to share content to different age groups

Best times to content market to different agesLast week, Francisco Rosales, aka @SocialMouths, shared a great infographic on his blog. Produced by MBA Online, the graphic showed what online and offline devices and activities different age groups were using at different times of day.

It was great raw data. I always look for the practical applications, and quickly realized that this could be useful to content marketers and social media marketers. The devices and activities relate, in many cases, directly to social actions or content types that marketers are trying to distribute. By assigning pertinent content types and creating some new graphic elements, I was able to put together this handy chart.

Best times to content market to different ages

To find the best time to reach your audience with content or information, look for the demographic you are trying to reach and the type of content or social action you’re concerned with. The intersection shows the times you can reach them. Bold times indicate the best time of day. The bars show the percentage of the audience being reached, based on the MBA chart. (I didn’t include anything less than 10% and there weren’t any percentage greater than 50%.)

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Thoughts, based on this analysis:

  • The “information shared between friends” time is important in light of Facebook’s recent changes. If you want your Facebook post to be seen and shared by users, time their release at the beginning of the peak periods for your demographic.
  • Similarly, if you build a Facebook app that lets users’ post an action, such as “I just watched xxx,” consider building incentives or ways to have that post happen during the peak sharing times for your demographic.
  • The MBA chart showed only Gen X and Boomers actively shopping at any time of day. It’s an advantage to ensure that your promotions, specials, and so on appear during those peak shopping times.
  • The entertainment column combines video watching with what MBA noted as the online activity “Entertainment.”  (MBA had a separate icon for games.) If you’re producing entertaining content for brand awareness purposes, try to make sure your content gets maximum visibility during the bold times. You might consider posting the content on your Facebook page and in G+ at the beginning of the timeframe.
  • Knowing when downloaded media is being consumed gives you the opportunity to time social activities during or just after that time period. Even better, you can look for synergies between consuming the downloaded media and Facebook use. For example, Adult Millennials consume downloaded media from 9-5, and they also are on Facebook during the same period. Thus, it makes sense to find ways to encourage sharing and commenting on the downloaded media, during that daytime period.

I hope you find the chart useful. Click it for a printable version.

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