Friday Fives: Generating and converting leads from your website

Friday FivesWelcome to the Friday Fives series, where I ask selected Tweeps a question to answer in five parts.

This week’s question:

What are your five tips to increase conversions/lead generation for your website?

This week’s answers come from:

  • Robert Dempsey is CEO and founder of Dempsey Marketing. Robert works with customers on SEO, lead conversion, and using social media to generate leads. His blog is chocked full of useful tips. Follow him on Twitter as @rDempsey.
  • Derek Halpern is the founder of Social Triggers, where you can learn how to turn traffic into leads and sales. And if you’re not getting traffic, you’ll learn how to get that too. Read his site at and follow him on Twitter @DerekHalpern.

Here are these expert’s tips:

Robert Dempsey

Lead generation and conversion are two big topics so here are some tips for each.

Improving lead generation:

  • Participate on the social networks and other sites where your ideal customer spend time. If they aren’t online that means going to networking events and meeting them in person.
  • Build a referral partner network. Team up with others in complimentary businesses that can team up with you to offer a more comprehensive offering to clients.
  • Be the authority in your niche. People want to work with a known quantity because they know what they are going to get. They also want to work with someone that they can brag about working with. Be that person.

Improving lead conversion:

  • Focus all of your messaging on your ideal customer. If you’re getting unqualified leads in via your landing page it’s because your message is too broad. You’ll be wasting a huge amount of time on free consultation and other calls unless you pre-qualify folks on your landing page.
  • Have a landing page. This might seem like common sense but I run into a lot of companies that have a website with n0 contact forms. People are more likely to fill out a form than click an email link or copy/paste it into their email app. The easier you make it for them to contact you, the more likely they are to do it.
  • Ask for the conversion. Just like asking for the sale, ask the person to fill out your form. Or simply tell them to right above the thing. Don’t leave it to chance or hope that they’ll fill our your lead form.

Derek Halpern

Tip 1: When you’re looking to generate leads, you need to put email signup forms in the right places. All-in-all, you should have 3 signup forms per page, and make sure they’re in different parts of your site (sidebar, header, footer, blog post, etc) so it’s not overwhelming.

Tip 2: Don’t risk leaving your emails in free services like Feedburner. While they’re powerful, and get the job done, you get a whole load of other functionality using premium services like Aweber and Mailchimp that you can’t risk missing out on. (open rate tracking, click tracking, deliverability tracking, and lots of other cool stuff)

Tip 3: While you should always focus on building your list, you should also make sure you’re building a responsive list that opens your emails and buys your products. To do that, I suggest you implement the “what are you struggling with” question in your welcome email. This will add personal touch to your email list, and will help get your emails opened.

Tip 4: One of the most visited pages on your site is your about page (just check Google Analytics, and you’ll see). Since it’s the most visited page, make sure you add email sign up forms to your about page. You’ll find that you’ll attract a ton of highly qualified leads.

Tip 5: Create landing pages. Always. When you create an ebook, create a landing page to promote it. Landing pages convert traffic into leads much better than content pages. You should always sprinkle some landing pages throughout your website to take advantage of this higher conversions.

Do you have suggestions for generating and converting leads from a website?

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