Can honesty pay off in marketing? Spin Sucks shows it can

Spin Sucks bookGini Dietrich’s new book, Spin Sucks, isn’t just for PR professionals nor is it just about PR. This is a book for anyone involved in promoting a company online and protecting its reputation. Spin Sucks is a great introduction to the key information you need to know if you’re helping to build your company’s online presence. And it’s a short and entertaining read, to boot!

I’m not a big consumer of business books. I spend enough time reading articles and studies online for my work. I prefer no to spend my spare time on business topics. But for this book, I was willing to make an exception. I’m a long-time reader and fan of Gini’s blog, SpinSucks. It always has interesting and new takes on PR and digital marketing topics. Plus, Gini is an excellent writer, so her posts are personal, entertaining, and informative.

She brings the same style to her new book. Spin Sucks is an easy read. The book is full of anecdotes and stories to support the points Gini is making. It also carries the informal, personal style of her blog—rather than reading like a textbook on PR or digital marketing. And, it’s punctuated with humor, which always makes for better text.

Don’t be fooled, though. Spin Sucks is a highly-informative book. If you’re new to content marketing or PR, this book will give you a solid grounding. It hits all the important points from what kind of content to create to how to handle trolls and critics. With her strong background in PR, Gini is able to give clear and focused guidance on how to tell your story effectively. She also outlines common PR problems so you can avoid them.

Spin Sucks gives a generous amount of attention to search engine optimization (SEO). Ranking high in search is now greatly dependent on producing content, and doing it right. There are a lot of pitfalls that those of us who aren’t SEO specialists wouldn’t be aware of. Spin Sucks does a good job of covering the content strategies that work and the shortcuts you shouldn’t take. She explains how even big companies fell out of grace with Google, sometimes through practices that weren’t officially banned at the time. In doing so, she demonstrates how the ethical attitude that you take a marketer will either pay off or hinder you in the long run. Because, as she writes, “While you can help motivate your customers to talk about you in a good way, ultimately they are the ones who control the message.”

That focus on ethics permeates Spin Sucks. It’s one of the things that makes this book stand out, because a focus on ethics is one of the things that makes Gini Dietrich stand out. When you regularly follow a blogger for a long time, you see them encounter difficult situations. Any successful blogger has to put himself or herself out there. Putting yourself out there inevitably means getting criticism and making mistakes. It is how a blogger handles themselves in those painful and tricky situations that you really find out what kind of person is behind the text. Gini has handled her challenges firmly, effectively, and most of all ethically.  She has a strong moral compass—the kind that more businesses.

Spin Sucks provides guidelines consistent with an ethical approach to PR and marketing. If you’re looking for get-rich-quick info, shortcuts to SEO, or information on how to buy fake accounts and reviews undetected, this isn’t the book for you. If you know that building a strong online presence is hard work that takes time, this book will give you the information you need to get started on the right path. You’ll benefit from Gini’s insights and experience in building a positive reputation, a loyal and passionate audience, and a solid and broad presence.

If you’re ready to begin or improve your company’s online story, Spin Sucks is the perfect place to start.

Here’s where you can buy Spin Sucks:

(This review is based on a pre-release, galley version of the book.)

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